With Molekule, get all of the love without the dander 

Exposure to pet dander can bring adverse effects like allergies. Molekule’s air purifier bundles offer a solution to these drawbacks, since they don’t just capture, but destroy pollutants in the home. Find the bundle that works best today. 

Destroys SARS-CoV-2

PECO technology destroys SARS-CoV-2 by over 99% in under 1 hour.


Not only do our air purifiers not emit ozone, they destroy it.

Filter auto-refills

Filters ship automatically to you when you need them. We cover shipping.

30-day trial

Don’t love it? Return it within 30 days for a refund—including shipping.

The path to clean air, now with advanced sensing

360° air intake 

Air Pro takes in surrounding air from every angle. 

Particle capture

Air flows through outer filter layers, trapping large particles, and slowing down chemicals passing through the filter. 

PECO process

Purification at its best. The nanocatalyst-coated filter layers react to light, destroying pollutants and leaving behind clean air.

360° air outlet 

Air pro disperses clean air into the room.

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“While they may be the underdogs – they are addressing clean air with a fundamentally different approach but with the same passion and rigor as the luminaries before them.”

Dander destruction, trusted by leading brands 

“The brand is taking its technology to a whole new level.”

“In the hotel’s case, air filters sold by San Francisco-based Molekule were the key to operating at total capacity.”

With support from legendary publications including HuffPost, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Goop, and Allure, Molekule’s acclaim speaks for itself. 



Captures AND destroys pollutants

Gentle, quiet white noise

App integration provides deeper insights

Options for large and small spaces

30-day risk-free home trial to make sure you love it

HEPA only


Collects pollutants

Noticeably loud

No app integration, or app with limited functionality

Only covers smaller spaces

No home trial

How Molekule compares to the competition

With Molekule’s bundles, loving your pets doesn’t have to have drawbacks 

Pet dander lasts a long time. Molekule’s technology is different from other types of air purification. Common air filters like HEPA are designed to trap particles on filters. Molekule air purifiers contain a proprietary technology called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), which, combined with HEPA, can destroy allergens like pet dander at the molecular level. 


Better together 

Get clean air in multiple rooms in your home. Because our air purifiers have individual strengths for different sized spaces, they’re most powerful when purchased together. Shop bundles now


Pet lovers and more love Molekule 

''The boost setting is one of my favorite settings. The South is my favorite place to live but mold and air quality from apartment to apartment is a big problem. There is really nothing like this product. It is sleek, easy to carry and has a very finished look about it. I have used it for four years and use it every day. It is quiet and a very effective air purifier.''

Cool Y

Missouri City, TX


''I love the design of the Molekule. It functions well, in that it looks nice and has a quiet mode for evenings. It is easy to change the filters. It was especially reassuring to have the ultraviolet light mode during Covid-19.''

Cathy P.

Athens, GA


“Love this mighty little machine. Got it last spring and helped us greatly during fire season.”

Melissa D.

Reno, Nevada


1,322 Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two filters, both using the same destroying power of PECO: Standard PECO and PECO-HEPA Tri-Power. Our original PECO-Filter captures particles with MERV 16 efficiency and destroys organic pollutants like viruses and mold spores. Meanwhile, the new PECO-HEPA Tri-Power filter uses three purification elements (PECO, HEPA, and carbon), and improves ultrafine particle capture from a rate of 95% to 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles on each pass through the filter.
We recommend using a clean, damp cloth to clean the exterior of your Molekule air purifiers. When changing your filters, vacuum any accumulated dust inside or outside the Molekule air purifier. The only way to keep your filters fresh is to replace them regularly.
While any of Molekule air purifiers can easily be moved from room to room, buying a separate Molekule air purifier for each room in your house and running them 24/7 is the best way to ensure clean air throughout your home. We recommend choosing one based on room size. For more recommendations and device details, check out our article Which Molekule purifier is right for you?

Clean air for you and your pets 


Capturing pollutants isn’t enough. Molekule’s bundles destroy them, too. Our options allow you to double down on fresh air. Find what combination works best for you today. 

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Air Pro 

For spaces up to 1000 sq ft

Senses chemicals (VOCs),
humidity, CO2

Auto Protect


Starting at $63/month

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— Save $265 —

From dogs to reptiles, animals get allergies, too 

Airborne allergy triggers are something we need to manage for ourselves and our pets, too. Removing dust that can harbor pollen fragments, mold spores, chemicals, car exhaust, and a host of other substances will help yours and your pet’s immune system to fight pathogens instead of allergens.

Double down on clean air 

 The Air Pro and Air Mini+ have different strengths. Discover which of our bundle options best meets your needs 

See how it works

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